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      Cleantech Marketing

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      AZoCleantech is an online content marketing platform which reaches scientists, engineers and industry professionals in the clean technology community. With a worldwide audience, AZoCleantech is regarded as one of the leading digital distributors of information on clean technology, alternative energy and sustainability.

      Visits sourced from Google Analytics
      Yearly average Jan to Dec
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      Global Coverage

      Continent Total Visits
      Americas 41.33%
      Asia 27.53%
      Europe 20.80%
      Oceania 5.87%
      Africa 4.26%


      Email Marketing



      Product Packages

      Video & Audio

      Display Advertising

      Web Services


      Email Marketing

      Customized Emails

      Target our subscribers by their specific professional interests. Reach over 500,000 named scientists, engineers and industry professionals.

      Choose between subject specific Newsletters or ultra-targeted Customized Emails. Our ability to match your audience’s interests with the right content explains why we see industry leading open and click through rates.

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      Reach your target audience with optimum quality content for their stage in the buyer's journey. Let us demonstrate how we can help with Content Distribution and Content Creation.

      • Expand your audience reach through our websites, mobile platforms, social networks and subject specific newsletters
      • Use the experience of our team to provide guidance on what works and what hasn't worked

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      Your team have great expertise in your products, services and applications. Tap into that knowledge and convert it quickly and easily into powerful marketing collateral with an Insights from Industry interview. A 30 minute interview that can convert into years of client engagement.

      Perhaps one of your end users wish to promote their research activities and illustrate how they have used your equipment or services, check out our Thought Leader series for key opinion leaders and academics.

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      Demonstrate the benefits, features and key capabilities of your Products and Equipment with our Product Profiles or give your product extra exposure by combining a range of multimedia content types in our Product Showcase.

      • Illustrate all aspects of your product
      • Embed related video
      • Incorporate specific Calls to Action (CTAs) to generate Lead Generation
      • Link to your related content - articles, case studies and interviews

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      Capture the attention of your audience with our professional Video Services. Our experienced video team will guide you through the process from concept and storyboarding through filming to post production.

      Choose whether you want a customer application story, a product brochure, an interview, to cover an event or something a little different – our team will be able to help.

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      Display Advertising

      Display Advertising

      Increase brand awareness by targeting the AZoNetwork audience of engaged B2B visitors with various Display Advertising options.

      • Promote Key Marketing Messages
      • Use specific and targeted Calls to Action

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      Increase online visibility through Search Engine Optimization which is specifically tailored to your business.

      We can drive organic traffic to your website by targeting well-researched, relevant keywords and in turn, increase your online reach and ultimately enquiries.

      • Increase traffic to your website
      • Improve your website's ranking on search engines

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      AZO Intel

      Measure and monitor the ROI of all of your campaigns using our unique analytical platform – AZoIntel

      With over 5 million monthly visitors interacting with over 500,000 content items, we have the ability to demonstrate your audience as well as provide market intelligence to assist with your content marketing decisions.

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